Breast Cancer Awareness Month Guest Blog Posts

Recently I’ve had the honor of being asked to write some blog posts for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Even though I have these posted on my “Other Writings,” I wanted to give these special attention just because it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The first post is on the Boobie Wednesday site which I became aware of on Twitter. The ladies that host this website don’t just support breast cancer awareness during one month of the year, but throughout the year. Each Wednesday this month, they are featuring a guest blog about breast cancer awareness.

To Be Boobless or Not To Be Boobless, That is the Question (Breast Reconstruction or Not, It’s Up to You)



The Pirate Bounty might seem like an unusual place to write a blog post about Breast Cancer Awareness, but even pirates and their ladies need to know about this issue. The site owner is a really great guy and he asked me to write this post and I’m very proud of what I wrote.

Show You Care By Becoming Aware


I hope you enjoy these blog posts, and please whether you’re male or female, take the time to educate yourself about breast cancer.


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