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The Caregiver’s Anthem

  I watched you die There was nothing I Could do Before If you fell I could lift you Or when you were sick I could call the doctor Make an appointment Give you one of your Medications Feed you … Continue reading

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Finding My Footing

I haven’t written anything in forever and it’s not writer’s block. It’s more life block if there such a thing. I am depressed and have been like this for quite some time. Perhaps it stems from my constant exhaustion or … Continue reading

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All the Little Children

  I’m working on a manuscript of poetry that deals with my childhood and the abuse I endured. Needless to say, my past isn’t always an easy to revisit. Sometimes it’s depressing, because it was definitely depressing and other times … Continue reading

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Guest Blog Posts

Recently I’ve had the honor of being asked to write some blog posts for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Even though I have these posted on my “Other Writings,” I wanted to give these special attention just because it is Breast … Continue reading

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Depression Happens

Whether any of us want to deal with or not, depression is part of this experience. I don’t mean chronic debilitating depression that can occur with or without a life-changing event because it results from a chemical imbalance. No, what … Continue reading

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