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The Caregiver’s Anthem

  I watched you die There was nothing I Could do Before If you fell I could lift you Or when you were sick I could call the doctor Make an appointment Give you one of your Medications Feed you … Continue reading

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All the Little Children

  I’m working on a manuscript of poetry that deals with my childhood and the abuse I endured. Needless to say, my past isn’t always an easy to revisit. Sometimes it’s depressing, because it was definitely depressing and other times … Continue reading

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What Really Matters

To begin with, I’m sorry I haven’t been here in a couple of weeks. I’ve been having some computer problems. But along with those computer problems I’ve received some realizations that I want to share with you. You know how … Continue reading

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An Odd Sense of Comfort

Today is the one-year anniversary of the death of my father. It amazes me how quickly the time has flown by, but so much of last year flew by in a blur mixed with both horrible and wonderful things, that … Continue reading

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The Windswept Seas of Mourning

I used to believe that grief and mourning were processes that only lasted for a set amount of time. I have no idea why I believed that, but I think it’s a holdover thought from my childhood, when I felt … Continue reading

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My cousin died this week. Ironically, she died on the anniversary of my mom’s double mastectomy. So on the day that mom and I were celebrating her life, my cousin was losing hers. Obviously, this is a sad occasion, but … Continue reading

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In Honor of Elizabeth Edwards

(Credit: Center for American Progress) Elizabeth Edwards died this week and my heart goes out to her and her family. Watching someone you love fight and continue to fight, while losing a battle they can’t win, is both awe-inspiring and … Continue reading

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