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What Really Matters

To begin with, I’m sorry I haven’t been here in a couple of weeks. I’ve been having some computer problems. But along with those computer problems I’ve received some realizations that I want to share with you. You know how … Continue reading

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An Odd Sense of Comfort

Today is the one-year anniversary of the death of my father. It amazes me how quickly the time has flown by, but so much of last year flew by in a blur mixed with both horrible and wonderful things, that … Continue reading

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The Windswept Seas of Mourning

I used to believe that grief and mourning were processes that only lasted for a set amount of time. I have no idea why I believed that, but I think it’s a holdover thought from my childhood, when I felt … Continue reading

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My cousin died this week. Ironically, she died on the anniversary of my mom’s double mastectomy. So on the day that mom and I were celebrating her life, my cousin was losing hers. Obviously, this is a sad occasion, but … Continue reading

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The Rude Awakenings of a Chronic Insomniac

I think one of the more difficult, if not surprising aspects of this journey has been the realization that not everyone you know is going to treat you particularly well. Of all the things I’ve dealt with in the last … Continue reading

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Endings, Beginnings and Thanks

Even though I already have another blog post that I’m editing, I’ve started writing this one because it just feels like something that needs to come first. Mom is having her last radiation treatment today. It feels monumental and I … Continue reading

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A Measure of Understanding

My dad died last week. A week ago Sunday to be exact. I received the phone call at 2:45 am and then had the task of waking up my mother and telling her what had happened. I got through that … Continue reading

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A New Poem

This poem doesn’t seem to be about cancer or caregiving, but for many years I have helped my mother take care of my father. It’s been difficult because the past was always been there whether or not I wanted it … Continue reading

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