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The Caregiver’s Anthem

  I watched you die There was nothing I Could do Before If you fell I could lift you Or when you were sick I could call the doctor Make an appointment Give you one of your Medications Feed you … Continue reading

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Breaking the Spell

There are many kinds of spells in the world. Probably the most well known are magic spells where some claim to have powers to force changes in people, nature and situations. There are myths, fairytales, children’s books, novels and historical … Continue reading

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On Losing Hair and How Farrah Fawcett Prepared Me for My Journey

Well I have less hair than the last time I added anything here, and no, it’s not because I have cancer. It seems that taking care of a cancer patient or should I say; the stress of taking care of … Continue reading

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To Be or Not To Boobie

To Be or Not Boobie One of main themes of this blog has and always will be, making a cancer journey. As I see it, everyone who either receives a diagnosis or takes care of someone who has received a … Continue reading

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Isn’t It Always Something?

And the answer is a wholehearted “yes.” Quick summation of this past week: 1. Mom is home, and she was stoned out of her gourd on pain pills on her second day back. 2. My 81-year-old mother was stoned on … Continue reading

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Losing My Head and Finding My Voice

It would be too easy to call this entry, something negative ,” but in truth, with all that I’ve been through, I can honestly say that I feel blessed. Mom fell again two weeks ago Monday. She hadn’t recovered her … Continue reading

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Finding My Footing

I haven’t written anything in forever and it’s not writer’s block. It’s more life block if there such a thing. I am depressed and have been like this for quite some time. Perhaps it stems from my constant exhaustion or … Continue reading

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