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Isn’t It Always Something?

And the answer is a wholehearted “yes.” Quick summation of this past week: 1. Mom is home, and she was stoned out of her gourd on pain pills on her second day back. 2. My 81-year-old mother was stoned on … Continue reading

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Finding My Footing

I haven’t written anything in forever and it’s not writer’s block. It’s more life block if there such a thing. I am depressed and have been like this for quite some time. Perhaps it stems from my constant exhaustion or … Continue reading

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Taking Off My Cape

This week I received a wake-up call. I am not Superman. This realization has come after more than a year of pretending that I was a caped crusader, able to do anything without exhaustion or need. I took care of … Continue reading

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Gliding Along

It’s freezing. Right now, as I’m writing this its twenty degrees below zero. It is also almost the one-year anniversary of my mom’s double mastectomy. It’s weird because looking back now, I feel like I barely recognize how we got … Continue reading

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