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In the Land of Zombies and Sleepwalkers

So it’s been a few weeks since mom’s last radiation treatment and my dad’s death, and I can honestly say I feel like I’ve been run over by several buses and stomped on by an elephant. I think the tiredness … Continue reading

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Depression Happens

Whether any of us want to deal with or not, depression is part of this experience. I don’t mean chronic debilitating depression that can occur with or without a life-changing event because it results from a chemical imbalance. No, what … Continue reading

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Finding Laughter in Dark Places

(Here’s the blog post I was working on last week when I realized that I needed to write something about mom’s last day of cancer treatment.) One of the main saving graces of this experience has been that I never … Continue reading

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Endings, Beginnings and Thanks

Even though I already have another blog post that I’m editing, I’ve started writing this one because it just feels like something that needs to come first. Mom is having her last radiation treatment today. It feels monumental and I … Continue reading

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